Championship Formula Racing

Welcome To Championship Formula Racing!

Jolly Roger Games, supported by Ultra PRO Entertainment, proudly presents Championship Formula Racing (CFR), a fast-paced game inspired by the legendary Speed Circuit and designed by life-long F1 fan, Doug Schulz. Simulating the intense challenges of Formula 1 racing, CFR puts 2-4 players firmly in the driver’s seat of their own custom car.

Use cards from your Driver Deck to select your car’s acceleration and deceleration, top andstarting speeds, driver skill and car wear.

Looking for the Game Play Demonstration PDF? Click here.

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Included Game Components

  • One (1) Double-Sided Board, providing two (2) race tracks
  • Four (4) Driver Decks, consisting of twenty-four (24) cards per deck
  • Four (4) Speed Decks, consisting of twelve (12) cards per deck
  • Four (4) Historical Driver cards
  • Four (4) F1 Race Car Miniatures
  • Fifty-six (56) Skill Markers
  • Forty-eight (48) Wear Tokens
  • Four (4) Tire Markers
  • Four (4) Pit Markers
  • Two (2) D6 Dice
  • One (1) Rulebook
  • One (1) Quick-Start Guide
  • One (1) Die Roll Cheat Sheet


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Standard American Board Game
56mm x 87 mm

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