Pirates Vs Dinosaurs

It was a stroke of luck that you were in the right place at the right time; you could hardly believe the tale of a last island, home to a vast treasure guarded by wild reptilian beasts, fierce natives, and vengeful ghosts.  It was even luckier that you managed to grab a few shreds of the treasure map.  What was not so lucky was that several other pirate captains were also in the right place at the right time… now it’s a race to explore the cursed island and get the loot!
In Pirates vs Dinosaurs, dsigned by Richard Launius (creater of Arkham Horror), players land their pirate ships on a lost island, looking for lost pirate treasure hidden on the island, except no one mentioned that the island still has dinosaurs!  With cunning strategy and luck, players fight the impossible to score the best haul of treasures before the game comes to an explosive end.

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Included Game Components

  • 1 Game board
  • 6 Pirate mats
  • 76 Island cards (Standard Size / White Standard Label)
  • 68 Crew & item cards (Mini European / Purple Label)
  • 56 Tokens
  • 85 Wooden crew pawns
  • 12 Wooden location & time markers
  • 1 Wooden giant T-Rex pawn
  • 10 D6 dice
  • 1 Dice & token pouch
  • 1 Rule book (English)


Rule Book

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Standard American Board Game
56mm x 87 mm

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