Road Hog: Rule the Road

Life on the road means quick wits, mad skills and a bit of luck to get where you are going. Be the first player to drive your car from the beginning to the end of the highway and exit first!

The board is set up by placing seven road tiles. Players have a hand of three cards and use two dice to manipulate the traffic vehicles and move their own vehicle toward the exit. Cards are played to provide extra movement, move other vehicles, steal other players’ cards, and create various other effects to attempt to jockey into first place.

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Included Game Components

• 40 Wooden Cars and Trucks

• 2 Dice

• 10 Road Tiles

• 60 Cards (Standard Size, White Label)

• Instructions


Protect your cards with Ultra PRO Deck Protector & board game sleeves!

Standard American Board Game
56mm x 87 mm

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