Victory & Honor

Games Magazine’s “Best Card Game of the Year” Award.
The noble experiment that was the United States exploded into Civil War.  The fight was about control of the government, it was about slavery, and the war would shape the hopes and dreams of generations to come.  The war was fought on two key principles: Victory & Honor.

In this game, players attempt to score points by capturing generals and soldiers in battle.  But there’s a catch: play doesn’t go directly around the table and three tricks are contested at once!  A card laid at the start can, and with skill and a bit of luck, turn into the trump card that turns defeat into a stunning victory.

MSRP: $ 18

Included Game Components

  • 16 Wooden markers
  • 4 Game boards
  • 52 Playing Cards (Standard European Size / Red label)
  • 1 Rule book (English & German)


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Standard American Board Game
56mm x 87 mm

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