Ultra PRO Acquires Jolly Roger Games

Ultra PRO International LLC (“Ultra PRO”) has acquired Jolly Roger Games (“Jolly Roger Games”), a designer and publisher of critically acclaimed tabletop strategy and story-telling games based in Sigel, Illinois. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.  Formed in 1996 by founder Jim Dietz, Jolly Roger Games has published critically acclaimed board game titles based on historical and political events such as Founding Fathers and Kremlin; as well as 13 Days, a game based on the Cuban Missile Crisis which was recently successfully funded via Kickstarter. Jolly Roger Games is also amidst completion and fulfillment of a hotly anticipated story-telling game, Cthulhu’s Vault, in which players take turns weaving a unique dark tale of mystery and corruption, culminating in a final showdown between good and evil.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to work with Jim who founded Jolly Roger almost a decade ago and will continue to lead Jolly Roger as a division of ours under his new title as Director of Jolly Roger Games. Jim has found success publishing games with themes and topics that are educational, fun, social and very unique, and our goal is to support Jim with our manufacturing and logistical resources so he can continue doing what he does best and expands the Jolly Roger library of board games.” comments Jay Kuo, Senior Vice President of Ultra PRO.