A word from Jim Dietz


If you’re here, you can see that the Jolly Roger webpage is undergoing construction and redesign.  It will be an ongoing process, much like the transition from JRG as an independent company to a division of Ultra Pro, International has been.  In the eighteen months since the sale of JRG, Ultra Pro’s created a whole new division, Ultra Pro Entertainment, which now has multiple game companies and projects under its wing.  That’s a lot of expansion for a company to undertake in a decade, let alone eighteen months.

It’s affected lines of communication and how things get done.  To this point, that’s caused a couple projects to go slower than expected—Zero Day and Championship Formula Racing.  That’s the not-so-good side of the change.  On the other hand, the change permitted ’13 Days’ to be expanded to a global product, produced in multiple languages, ranging from Spanish to Danish to Polish.  This wouldn’t have happened when JRG was a one-man shop.  The new set-up allowed Jolly Roger to fast-track “Road Hog” (a good family game of driving on an expressway).

So keep checking here.  We’ll try and blog once in a while now.  We’ll give some product updates.  Maybe we’ll interview some game designers, too.  The objective remains the same—produce great games at affordable prices.   We want you to have fun every time you put a JRG product on the table.

Happy gaming!