Three new games right here, right now

I used to not have much sympathy for the guys at Microsoft when I swore at my computer when it froze up.  I mean, how hard is it to get everything in line?  Well, when you run your own company, that changes.  When you then have that company become part of something bigger, it changes yet again.

I’d hoped that Jolly Roger would have been able to get a couple new releases out much sooner than March, 2017.  In the end, the one we did get out way in advance of that date was ’13 Days’—that went well and you should play it.  It’s probably one of the best board games released in the past year or so.  Unfortunately, we had a logjam of logistical things that got in the way and so suddenly out of nowhere—BOOM—three releases are coming right here, right now (and if you’re suddenly hearing Van Halen in your head, great).

One comes from the same guys who did ’13 Days’, based on the Cuban Missile Crisis, too.  This time though, Asger and Daniel’s game is ’13 Minutes’ and you can pretty much play it in that amount of time.  The game is a micro-game, so there aren’t a whole lot of components.  A lot of micro-games are simple or can wear out their welcome quickly; I like ’13 Minutes’ because those decisions stay tough even after dozens of plays.  Just as cool—we were able to get it out there with a ten dollar MSRP on it.

We also finally got Championship Formula Racing heading to stores.  It’s based on the classic Speed Circuit, but the cool change that the designer, Doug Schultz, made (in my opinion) is that the game can now be played solo.  That’s unique for racing games—most of them require at least six people to have a really good race.  Now that’s not necessary.  Just as cool, the game is about skill and strategy—players don’t roll to move.  They have to drive their car to the best of its abilities, and that’s a big deal since Doug was able to design courses that are great simulations of real life race tracks.  Hopefully, we’ll get more of those out in the near future.

The third game is ‘Road Hog’, a beer-and-pretzels game about driving through traffic by Randall Hoyt.  It’s Randall’s first design and it is a lot of fun—so much better than the original prototype I saw three years ago at Origins.  When I played it at GenCon this year, it became a no-brainer for us to take.  It played fast, easy, and even the non-gamers there enjoyed it.  Is there anything better than games that non-gamers will play?…because hit them with 3-4 and they’ll be just as addicted as the rest of us.

That’s it for now—enjoy everything as we reach the start of spring.  Life’s always better with games (and baseball season).

Jim Dietz